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testimonial frost estate agents

“Teamwork!” – Mr McConnell

“My reason in giving Ben the instruction to sell my property was that I had been very impressed in the previous few years in the free support and advice on another matter that Ben happily provided to me. He was also “spot on” on my initial house valuation..

Teamwork is a hackneyed expression but at Frost I can say that it is a daily experience - as invariably staff will be out of the office on appointments or days off etc. but there is a professional support system in place for 6 long days a week. All office staff have made significant contributions to my house sale / flat purchase.

Brief examples:

Sarah – your efficient arranging for viewings re my 1st buyer, was excellent and when that fell through (no fault at Frost, you were able to set up 13 viewings over the w/e and I had my final offers by noon the next Monday).
Rhys- your calming influence on me was just what was needed with me always wanting things done yesterday!
Lee – you fully appreciated the spec of flat I was looking for and that worked well and then your close liaison with another Estate Agency provided the opportunity for my successful offer, before it went public.
Vanessa – your quiet determination and in depth knowledge of the final stages up to exchange of contracts was excellent and Ben had better look out that local Solicitors do not “poach” your services!
Annette – well done on all the admin related issues and getting brochures sorted.
Jenny – if any staff member was out you were always able to appreciate latest status and provide me with the information needed.
Howard - you early stage involvement was much appreciated - such a coincidence about who you knew in your school class!"

Good luck in your future business development.

testimonial frost estate agents

“Without Frost our house sale and purchase would not have happened” – The Cartwright Family

“Thank you to the team at Frost, without your effort, personable approach and professional entrepreneurship our house sale and purchase would simply not have happened.

From day one your advice seemed to always be on the mark. Your marketing campaign was structured and informed by your comprehensive market research and knowledge. This resulted in our house being sold in 3 days for a price that was much higher than our expectation and slightly above Frost’s valuation. At the time our eldest son was 21 months old and Marcela was 8 months pregnant expecting twins so to have a team that was sympathetic and flexible to our situation was one of the reasons for selecting Frost.

Getting an offer in place on your own house and then having an offer accepted on your new property is only just the tip of the iceberg. Getting the chain to exchange and then complete is as we found out where you need your estate agent to remain focused and committed. This process for us took 6 months and where other estate agents in the chain seemed to sit back Frost were always on the front foot seeking to help get information, advising us on the best way to proceed and then acting on the agreed plan.

It is with great pleasure that we can provide this testimonial, our family is now settling in to our new home and we are so pleased we selected Frost and would also very much recommend you do the same.“

testimonial frost estate agents

“Everything improved from day one” – The Malone Family

“We recently had a really bad experience with a well-known local estate agent we were using to sell our home in Sutton. I was lured in by an offer of a low % commission and professional photography, which wasn’t all that good and I was charged for the privilege. After very few viewings the estate agent finally received an offer and we reluctantly accepted the low offer as we really needed to move for schooling for my three girls.

After several weeks and then months the buyers were dragging their heels and the agent just didn’t seem to be that interested in our concerns. It was almost as if they thought they knew best and we knew nothing. Anyway eventually our worse fears were confirmed and the buyers pulled out, which in-turn resulted in losing out on the property we wanted to purchase.

After a while we found another property through Frost, in fact a much better one so all seemed good, the only problem was our agent had seemed to have lost interest in our property and it wasn’t until Frost told us they could help us that things really improved.

I have to say we were a little uncertain as we were on the market with the leading agent in Sutton at the time and what can Frost do that they have failed to? All I can say is just about everything improved from day one, from the level of viewings to the eventual agreed offer they obtained, which was significantly more than the other agent.

Then there was Vanessa, who is a credit to Frost and without her I am sure the sale would have not gone through as her constant management of the chain was second to none.

Hopefully we will not be moving for a very long time, but we can certainly say when we do come to move we will only be calling upon an Estate Agent we can trust and their name is Frost!”

testimonial frost estate agents

“We decided to switch to Frost to give it a fresh start, and it worked” - Mrs Walsh

“Before starting this process I must admit I did think how much do estate agents really do for such a huge fee. Well, as we both bought and sold through Frost I soon found out.

Having lost a buyer on our property with another agent viewings started to dry up. So, we decided to switch to Frost to give it a fresh start, and it worked. We had an offer after the first weekend of viewings. From my experience Frost know that time is of the essence in this market and they were certainly on the ball.

This became extremely important as we came to point of exchange. We had a long chain and things became a little shaky. I am certain that without Vanessa’s organisation, persistence and hard work the sale and purchase would have fallen through. So a big thank you!

I would recommend Frost to anyone. They have shown that they recognise that in this difficult market a house is not going to sell itself and that hard work and using the communication tools we have today are essential.”

testimonial frost estate agents

“Within an hour, the phone was ringing and within the space of 2 days we had an offer” - Mr Charman

“Estate Agents are two words that can strike fear through the hearts of even the toughest of people. Which one? How to I choose? What value will they put on my property? The word count goes up and up. It doesn’t have to though.

I am lucky, or possibly just foolish, I am in double numbers easily when it comes to moving, so I like to think I know a thing or two. I always thoroughly research the market first to see what properties have sold for and assess my property against those when it comes to valuation. I get valuations and costs from 3 agents and then I make a decision. Inevitably you get the ‘silly’ valuation, either wildly high or wildly low, so with Ben, I let him do all the talking. I am pleased to say he knows his stuff and we agreed on many things including the price. Great, let’s do it.

Within an hour, the phone was ringing and within the space of 2 days we had an offer, then another one. For one reason or another, the sale did not proceed, so we remarketed. Day one, another offer and so we sold our house twice in 2 weeks, not bad.

The thing with the team at Frost is that they didn’t insult my intelligence regarding selling property and all of the sales team worked with me and for me to achieve an extremely satisfactory outcome. The team also keep each other up to date on what is happening, so, if you email or call it doesn’t really matter who you speak to , they can all help, thus avoiding the ‘black hole’ of ‘sorry, they’re not in today’.

But, let us not forget the ‘glue’ of the transaction, Vanessa, who has the job of progressing the sale to exchange; ‘We can’t do it’ is not a sentence Vanessa is familiar with. She will achieve what seems impossible with diplomacy and excellent humour. I almost wish I was selling again as I will miss the interaction with her and the rest of the team, the second time in 10 years I have thought that.

So, in short, would I recommend them? One single word, YES!”

testimonial frost estate agents

“We were very impressed with your efficiency” - Mr & Mrs Bartlett

“We could not have asked for a better service and we were very impressed with your efficiency, kindness and curtsey you gave us.

From the start we had heard good things about Frost’s; our neighbour had previously sold through Frost and also had highly praised how you worked. From the initial visit to the photographs and marketing, viewings, communication from all the staff was very professional.

It was a real team effort from everyone in the office.

Moving home after many years has been very smooth and without drama, indeed it has actually been easier that we first thought it might be.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Frost to family and friends- a great service all round.”

testimonial frost estate agents

“Their experienced and dedicated team have time to respond ” - Mr & Mrs Atwood

“It was nearly 30 years since we had moved to our home in Purley and so it was with some trepidation that we approached the process of relocating out of the town to be near to our sons and their families.

We were looking for a quality service from our estate agent and in choosing Frosts we were not disappointed. We already knew them as a Purley firm who understood the local market and experience soon also confirmed that they have a depth and continuity of staff that you do not get with national and regional estate agents.

They invest in providing a complete and all round service. No two jobs are the same and their experienced and dedicated team have time to respond to and offer bespoke solutions to the particular concerns of each client.

To our relief - since we did not relish negotiating - they took on this task for both our sale and our purchase, nursing through a very acceptable package notwithstanding that - 1. the market generally was pretty flat; and 2. we were moving to a quite expensive area; and 3. we had - rather unhelpfully - decided all of a sudden to sell in the autumn - an unfashionable time of the year.

At each stage of the process, they were available to advise. But they didn’t just tell us what we might have wanted to hear. They provided useful reality checks - • on the sale, by comprehensive reports of prospective buyers’ feedback; and • when things appeared to be going awry with the purchase, by suggesting other possible options in the area to which we were moving.

Once the sale and purchase had been negotiated, their dedicated sales progressor kept the show on the road by regularly checking with and updating us and other ‘links’ in the chain. The job was thus advanced and everyone was kept in the picture, while expectations remained realistic and, so far as possible, unpleasant surprises were avoided.

We don’t lightly offer testimonials but are very happy to give this one and, without reservation, to recommend Frosts to our Purley friends and neighbours.”

testimonial frost estate agents

“A change was needed in order to sell our property” - The Morgan Family

“After being on the market with another agent for four months we decided that a change was needed in order to sell our property, and after meeting with Ben from Frost I was immediately impressed with his ‘plan of action’ and gave him and the team the go ahead to market our property. In comparison to the other agent we had been on the market with, Frost were by far the more thorough and professional of the two and I had a lot more confidence in their ability as an estate agent.

I was subsequently impressed at Ben’s determination to capture the house in the best way he possibly could as he came to the house three times to take different pictures to ensure that they were up to the high standard that he had come to expect. This would obviously be crucial in the market of the house and was typical of the service we were to receive from Frost. Communication was also superb, and was far superior to our previous experiences, as the team kept us up to date with every piece of information on their live website and were prompt and meticulous with doing so.

Having an 18 month old daughter and being 9 months pregnant at the time we were obviously very keen to keep disruption to a minimum and the team at Frost could not be more accommodating. They advised us on the best way for viewings to be made and were more than happy to carry out all viewings in our absence making keeping the house clean and tidy in between appointments extremely easy.

We were not let down with our trust in Frost as they delivered 7 viewings in the first weekend which resulted in two offers, one of which led to in the sale of our house. Having had months of ‘pointless’ viewings we were confident that all viewings made in this particular weekend were relevant and all had potential. We were obviously ecstatic at the news of the sale.

After the offer was made the rather painstaking and difficult period whist dealing with solicitors, surveys and fees was made easy and effortless by Vanessa taking the initiative and responsibility with communicating with all parties on our behalf. Obviously we had a few hiccups along the way, but Vanessa always provided a solution and when a solution was not easy to reach Vanessa provided her advice and support without question.

On behalf on me and my family we cannot thank Frost enough for all their help at this extremely stressful period in our lives and would not hesitate in recommending their services to family and friends.”

testimonial frost estate agents

“My luck was about to change for the better” - Jonathan Barnett

“Those who know me well will tell you that I rarely ever give testimonials so when I do everyone should take note!

Having spent the whole of 2011 desperately trying to sell my father’s bungalow using no fewer than 3 different estate agents all of whom tried to convince me that there would be queues of prospective buyers and the property would sell in just days. Well 2011 came and went and still there had been no offers.

A chance meeting, just before Christmas 2011, was about to change my luck and for the better. I first met Ben Gershon when he showed me around a property he was marketing in the local area. He impressed me with his non-pushy, attentive approach and following our brief meeting I decided to give him the task of selling my father’s property.

The property went on the market in early January 2012 and within days there were viewings arranged. Indeed, the first people to view the property put in an offer which was accepted and we looked forward to completing in March. Unfortunately these buyers pulled out just days before we were due to exchange contracts, so the property was put back on the market immediately. Once again Frosts pulled the rabbit out of the hat and found another buyer within a short period of time.

The rest is history as we finally exchanged contracts last week in April with completion set for the middle of May.

In this day and age, when criticism is so freely dished out but compliments are far harder to come by, I wish to buck the trend and state how impressed I have been with the highly professional and motivated staff, the regular updates, the feedback on viewings and the constant support the team at Frost has provided throughout this stressful time.

Really well done, and I shall definitely be using your services again.”

testimonial frost estate agents

“We stumbled across Frost Estate Agents” - The Doe Family

“We first contacted a few agents in my local area that we thought would have been familiar with our type of property and equally would have an abundance of waiting buyers as per their many canvass letters we had received.

After having a few agents around we decided on one particular agent that we felt very confident with. Unfortunately it was downhill from that point on. The photographs, communication and qualification of prospective purchasers were just not what we had been promised.

By chance we stumbled across Frost Estate Agents after making contact with them to view a large detached property they were marketing. From that point onward we realised that there indeed is a professional agent out there and when the Sales Manager, Lee Campbell asked if we could assist with the sale of our property we didn’t hesitate in inviting them around.

Ben Gershon one of the Directors visited us and immediately put us at ease and we once again felt very confident. The photographs Ben took of our property were absolutely stunning and really showed our property at its best and more importantly they were free!

The sales team quickly got to work on the marketing of our home of many years and the communication was first class. Whoever we spoke to in the office knew who we were, unlike what can be said for our previous agent.

It was not long before they started arranging viewings and immediately we could see the quality was excellent, clearly they had been qualified prior to their visit. Not surprisingly one of their viewers made an offer that we negotiated with and agreed a sale and looked forward to our forthcoming move.

We must say that Frost were a breath of fresh air, Vanessa the sales coordinator kept close contact with our buyers, broker and solicitor and eventually we exchanged contracts.

We believe that without her close management we may indeed not have completed the sale as she acted promptly and professionally to overcome any problems that arose.

Thank you Frost, we will definitely be recommending you to our family and friends.”

testimonial frost estate agents

“When we decided to put our house on the market, Frost were the first agents I thought of” - The Hibberd Family

"When we decided to put our house on the market, Frost were the first agents I thought of to talk to, having bought and sold with them back in 2009. When I first made contact with them, I was delighted to find that Vanessa, who had been a huge help in 2009, was still there. It is testament to Frost and their business that, in fact, many of the same people whom we had worked with in 2009 are still employed.

We met with Ben to discuss Frost’s possible instruction, as well as meeting two other agents. Ben was unique in his sales pitch being free of ‘estate agents’ patter’ – we really felt that he genuinely wanted to sell our house because he would enjoy doing so, not simply as another listing on his books. We signed up there and then. On the day of the photos, our month old daughter was asleep at home but Ben showed the utmost consideration for her and my needs and was a huge help with the photographer in moving two children’s clutter to present the house beautifully.

From then on, the sale process could not have been handled better. Open days were set up and we were notified of all the appointments by text message and email. When the slots were filled, we had a sensible conversation about how to fit in more bearing in mind our family commitments. The open days went without a hitch and with impressive knowledge of his clients, Lee picked out our buyer at the end of the first day.

We were lucky in having a very good buyer but we were also hugely helped by the wonderful service we received from Frost. At each point of having to deal with or be in contact with anyone from Frost, all members of staff have been helpful, friendly and professional. Ben pitched the price of the house perfectly and in doing so demonstrated his clear understanding and familiarity with the local property market, we had more buyers and offers than we had ever anticipated and we are delighted with the outcome. I would not hesitate to recommend Frost to anyone looking to achieve a successful sale of their home."

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